Discover a simple proven process to finally take back control of your retirement, enjoy safe predictable income for as long as you want, preserve & grow your nest egg, without giving up access to your money.

We Commit To Acting As A Fiduciary For Our Clients, So You Can Rest Easy Knowing That Any Of Our Recommendations Are Solely Rooted In Your Best Interest.  

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Social Security Maximization

Navigating all the various opinions about when and how to begin taking Social Security can be very confusing for some retirees.

Let us help you by providing you with a simple by effective mathematical analysis so that you can feel confident in optimizing your Social Security benefits in the most efficient way possible.

Income Ladder Strategies

Discover the power of income laddering and how the right plan can provide you with predictable, increasing income for life, while still preserving your nest egg's principal balance and giving you liquidity & flexibility at the same time.

Be sure to watch our Retirement Income Acceleration System video above.

Budgeting & Cash Flow

Accurately calculating your income & expense requirements during retirement is an important part of the retirement planning process, however it can be challenging to best coordinate your different sources of retirement income. At Retirement Income USA, we can help design the right cash flow program for your needs.

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Richard Ehrlich

My name is Richard Ehrlich. I founded The Secure Wealth Planning Group with the focus. My focus is guiding individuals so that they can make informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes, lower their taxes, increase their estate size and find money falling through the cracks in their planning so they could re-direct those dollars to things they care about. And I want to do this for YOU!

As a Certified Financial Fiduciary, I don't believe that any one category of financial vehicle is inherently better than another nor that one type of vehicle is right for everyone. My team and I let the results you desire dictate which vehicles to use.

We then combine those vehicles in a mathematically correct solution to meet your financial objectives.