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September 9, 2016

What If?

WHAT IF what you thought to be true about your retirement income planning turned out NOT TO BE TRUE?

WHEN would you want to know it? NOW, when you can do something about it, OR at retirement when you have less time to fix it?

Are you doing the same things your parents did?

Are you making the same mistakes?

If these thoughts ever crossed your mind, then I recommend and you take a minute to watch this video.


What You Should Do Today:

  • Review your current Retirement Income Plan scenario,
    review it again when you retire, and as you go through your retirement

  • If you don’t have a retirement plan, then call us today for your free, no-obligation retirement strategy session. 1-561-340-2667
  • Compare our recommended Retirement Income Solution to your current plan in terms of additional retirement income to spend
  • Learn how to avoid taxation of your Social Security benefits
  • Learn how to avoid thousands of dollars in federal income tax

The 10 major risks in retirement:

  • longevity risk
  • deflation risk
  • market risk
  • withdrawal rate risk
  • order of returns risk
  • long-term care risk
  • mortality risk (death)
  • inflation risk
  • regulatory risk
  • taxation risk

Get The Answers? Read Richard’s Weekly Financial Column to find out the answer to these questions and more, or Call Richard for a free no obligation consultation 1-561-340-2667, or email him at

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