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At Secure Wealth Planning Group We work with our client’s to help them take control of their financial future through education and the creation of a comprehensive financial strategy that are designed to help them with the critical areas of retirement planning.


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AssetLock® is a communication tool developed to help users stay informed on their retirement accounts. With AssetLock® Personal, the user has complete control over the downside percentage (AssetLock® Percentage), which is used to send alerts.

Your advisor has elected to provide AssetLock® Personal at no cost to you, which gives you the ability to apply the AssetLock® alert system to accounts not managed by your advisor including 401Ks, 403Bs, 457Bs, & TSPs.
With AssetLock® Personal, you are in complete control over the AssetLock® Percentages on your accounts, and can even customize your alerts to best meet your needs! An AssetLock® Percentage can range from 5%-30% and is always based on the High Water Value for the account. The AssetLock® Value is the downside value which would trigger the AssetLock® Percentage.
AssetLock® Personal has several alert options which can be customized by you! You have the ability to set alert parameters based on your personal risk tolerance for each account, and can update them at any time! You can receive alerts when your account:

  • Receives Deposits
  • Earns Dividends
  • Reaches a New High Water Mark
  • Has Elevated Risk (Yellow)
  • Triggers AssetLock® (Red)

It is important to note that AssetLock® is programmed to adjust the High Water and AssetLock® Values to accommodate deposits and withdrawals to ensure an accurate representation of the status of the account. For more information on how this process occurs and the reasoning behind it, please ask an AssetLock® Equipped Advisor.

At AssetLock®, your security and protection are of the utmost importance. That’s why we partnered with Morningstar ByAllAccounts to bring you AssetLock® Personal. Morningstar ByAllAccounts has provided data aggregation services for 13+ years and works with over 15,000 institutions to aggregate over $1.6 trillion in account data daily.
We employ industry-leading technologies and policies to protect the confidentiality and privacy of each user’s financial and personal data and vigilantly update our systems to stay at the forefront of security, privacy, and continuity protection. To assure this security, we employ a number of different technologies including network security, application security, and encryption including the following:

  • Digital Certificates
  • Session Management
  • Financial Data Access Roles
  • Investor Account Access
  • Secure Connection - HTTPS
  • Data Encryption
  • Audit Logs and Notifications
  • Audit Logs and Notifications

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