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What is CompleteView?

CompleteView is a tool available to you through our firm’s website. CompleteView allows you to link accounts from more than 14,000 institutions, including banks, investment firms, 401(k) providers, and other financial service providers, providing a clearer view of your total financial situation.

CompleteView then consolidates this financial data to provide you with a holistic, easily viewed perspective on your current financial situation online.

What are the benefits to me?

Financial insight: See where you stand. When you link your accounts, you will see a real-time view of your total financial life. You can easily access up-to-date account balance information for any of your accounts at anytime, anywhere. 

Convenience: Easily monitor your accounts through a single online interface without regularly entering different log-on credentials for each supported financial institution or account or finding and reviewing multiple paper statements. This can save you time and confusion, improve accuracy, and help facilitate better meetings with your financial advisor. 

Easier record-keeping: See your net worth. Avoid having to review multiple statements to a full picture of where you stand. CompleteView aids in simplifying your record-keeping. By having your financial data collated in one place, you can view your assets and liabilities for a clearer view of your total financial situation.

Budgeting and goal setting: Set spending and saving goals. CompleteView includes several personal financial management features for your convenience. These tools can help you budget, set goals, and analyze spending by category, so you know exactly where your money is going. 

I already use an aggregation tool such as, should I switch?

Yes. If you’re using an aggregation tool like Mint or Personal Capital, we encourage you to switch. Although these tools do not cost you anything to use, they are still making money. How, you ask? They generate revenue based on referrals made to financial institutions, products, or credit cards. These third-party vendors they share your information with then pay the them a referral payment. Also, the advice you receive from these tools are often inconsistent with the plan we have personally built with you to meet your financial goals. CompleteView is also free to use, so why not switch?

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