Richard’s Weekly

  • Inflation, Deflation, What Is Going On?

    Last week on my way home from work, Julie asked me to stop at the store for a few things. There are many reasons why Julie does not allow me to do the shopping that I will not get into here; however, if duty calls, it is often just a quick trip to pick up something we need at home. On Julie ’s list were milk, coffee, butter and bread. A [...]

  • Is An HSA Appropriate For You?

    As most of you know, HSA stands for Health Savings Account. Although this savings vehicle may seem very limited, as its main focus is on covering medical costs, the tax advantages associated with these accounts when they are used as intended are not something to overlook. In fact, the associated tax benefits make these vehicles effective [...]

  • Shifting Your Tax Strategy With the Shifting Markets

    Lately, our office has received quite a few phone calls from prospective clients thirsting for strategies to minimize the losses in their retirement portfolios. Folks, no doubt, we have experienced the worst beginning to the year—ever—in the history of the markets! A few weeks back I wrote that the S&P 500 was down about 11 percent [...]

  • Debt Is a Growing Retirement Problem; Don’t Make It Yours

    Remember those retirement commercials a few years back, I think from ING? They had pre-retirees carrying around giant numbers that represent how much money they need to save in order to have the retirement lifestyle they want. In our working years, we are in the accumulation phase of our financial lifecycle. And in that accumulation phase [...]

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